Acne Treatment

Living with severe acne, cystic acne, youth acne, or adult acne in Grand Rapids, MI? It can make you feel self-conscious, especially in social situations. However, there is a solution, and it lies in the right acne treatment plan. Here at Proper Eu, we personally understand your acne struggles, because we have struggled in the past too. Acne is not a one size fits all; get your customized treatment plan and see true results.

Acne Treatment

Acne forms and affects the complexions of adult men and women, and youths for multiple reasons. Many patients attempt to treat acne by seeking out the help of a dermatologist, yet end up taking an oral prescription medication called Accutane to treat their acne. Accutane has the potential to cause negative side effects and adverse reactions, including birth defects in the babies of women who use this medication during pregnancy or even too close to becoming pregnant.

It is also known to cause mental health issues, gastrointestinal distress, increased cholesterol, and muscle and joint problems. Treatment with Accutane is rarely necessary and should be the last resort for those rare cases when acne doesn’t respond to non-invasive alternative treatments, yet it is commonly prescribed as the first resort. 

Not only that, but taking oral antibiotics routinely breeds for antibiotic resistance and over time leads the medication to become ineffective and poses risk to the immune system. 

The Proper Eu Medical & Aesthetics Center Difference

At Proper Eu Medical & Aesthetics Center, we believe that there is another way, which is why we offer alternative treatments for acne. Our acne treatment plans won’t cause adverse reactions or compromise your health, but they will clear your complexion and help restore your confidence in your skin. With numerous in practice treatments like chemical peels, microneedling and mesoporation therapy and at home treatment regimens personalized to you, Proper Eu is your guide on your clear skin journey. 

You don’t have to live with acne, and you don’t have to risk your health by treating it with harsh medications like Accutane. Instead, you can undergo natural and effective in-office treatments to clear your active acne and prevent future breakouts. 


Skincare products that are tailored towards different skin types may provide you with better results. We can customize your acne treatment by adding a peel or medical grade facial to the treatment process to enhance your results. We offer seven different chemical peels that can help combat acne, improve acne-scarred skin, and also target other skin imperfections through chemical exfoliation. The peels we offer that can enhance your treatment results include:

  • J Peel
  • S Peel
  • G Peel
  • Pyruvic Acid Peel
  • BioGold Peel
  • BioBlue Peel
  • PRX-T33
Some facial treatments we provide that may include these peels and are designed to treat acne are the:
  • Acne Light
  • Acne Intensive
  • Bacne Defeat
  • DiamondGlow 
  • Redness Reducer
  • PRX-T33

There may be more treatments perfect to combat your acne skin concerns. 


Microneedling is an effective and natural skin care treatment that improves the skin on different levels but also helps combat acne. One of the benefits of this treatment is that it helps reduce sebum production, which helps balance the skin and minimize breakouts. It also prevents blackheads, whiteheads, and cystic acne. As an added benefit, this treatment can also improve the appearance of acne scars by forcing the body to fill those scars with collagen, creating a more uniform skin texture. Combine this treatment with chemical peels to stop break-outs before they start and improve acne scarring. 

mesoporation therapy

Enhance your acne treatment with our Triple MCH device by Noon Aesthetics. This advanced technology allows products to penetrate 70-80% as compared to .3%, reaching beneath the skin’s surface to effectively combat breakouts. The device uses frequency waves, heating, and cryocooling technology to reduce inflammation and improve your skin, leaving it clear and glowing. Add this powerful acne-fighting treatment to any service or schedule your full mesoporation experience today.

Laser Treatments

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment offers significant benefits for managing and reducing breakouts. The broad-spectrum light penetrates the skin to target acne-causing bacteria, effectively reducing the occurrence of breakouts. Additionally, IPL helps decrease sebum production, preventing clogged pores and subsequent acne formation. The anti-inflammatory properties of IPL also help calm inflamed skin, reducing redness and swelling associated with active acne lesions. By incorporating IPL into your skincare routine, you can experience a noticeable reduction in breakouts and enjoy clearer, healthier skin.


There are many benefits to beginning a moderate to severe acne treatment plan. Our treatment plans are safe, effective, and custom-tailored to the needs of our patients. There are different types of acne, and we will take your specific needs into account when designing your treatment plan so we can help treat it and prevent it. It has never been easier to treat acne in Grand Rapids, MI. 


Our treatment plans can treat severe acne, which is the type of acne that is the most noticeable, deep, and painful. Severe acne is also known as cystic acne and often leads to acne scars and doesn’t respond to most acne topical solutions. Cystic acne is painful, difficult to treat and can be embarrassing.

Though it is difficult to treat, it’s not impossible, and with the right treatment plan, our experts can help you eliminate your cystic acne once and for all. Our plans can help eradicate severe acne and help you feel more confident in your skin.


Youth acne in Grand Rapids, MI is also known as teen acne and affects more than 85% of young adults. Youth acne is often a result of overactive oil glands and the buildup and accumulation of debris, sebum, and dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. It also occurs at the onset of puberty, affecting the self-image and confidence of those who experience it. Our experts can design a treatment plan to treat and eliminate youth acne and help keep the skin balanced.


Just when you think you have entered into an acne-free life stage, you’re faced with adult acne. Adult acne is a stubborn condition that can affect adults after the age of 30, well into their 50s. Some adults who have never experienced acne in their teenage years experience adult acne later in life.

Lifestyle changes, hormonal imbalances, lack of sleep, an unhealthy diet, excess cortisol production, and stress can all contribute to adult acne. If you’re dealing with adult acne, we can create a treatment plan to eradicate it.


If you suffer from any form of acne, we can create a customized treatment plan to eliminate it and clear your skin. Some of the experts at our office have dealt with severe acne themselves and have found an effective solution with non-invasive treatments, so you can rest assured that when you enter our office, you’ll be heard, understood, and provided with a treatment plan that will help you finally achieve clear, glowing, healthy skin and live your life acne-free.


Don’t let your acne affect your confidence any longer; there is an effective solution. You don’t have to rely on harsh oral medications to clear your skin because there are safer options that deliver incredible results without compromising your health. Our experts will create a customized treatment plan with one or more acne treatments that will treat your current acne, heal your skin, and help prevent acne long-term. Contact us at Proper Eu Medical & Aesthetics Center today to schedule your consultation.


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