WEDNESDAY, february 27 


& 4pm-7pm

celebrating 2000 transformative procedures at proper eu!

Join us over lunch or for an evening of beauty and bliss at Proper Eu as we commemorate a remarkable milestone – our 2000th transformative procedure celebration! Revel in the luxurious ambiance as we host our event filled with sophistication and charm.

Indulge your senses with an array of light refreshments and delectable snacks, meticulously curated to tantalize your taste buds. Our staff will be on hand, ready to engage with you, answering all your questions and guiding you through the array of rejuvenating procedures we offer.

As a token of our appreciation for your continued support, participate in exciting drawings and giveaways throughout the day. Immerse yourself in the celebration, mingle with like-minded individuals, and discover the secrets behind our 2000th procedure success.

Step into a world of beauty, relaxation, and celebration at Proper Eu’s 2000th Procedure Extravaganza – an event you won’t want to miss!

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