second anniversary event

june 6th 12pM-7PM

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Celebrate our 2-year anniversary with us and participate in exclusive offers!

Join us as we mark the two-year anniversary of Proper Eu! To show our gratitude for your support, we’re offering THE biggest specials of the year on all our services, including fillers, wrinkle relaxers, skincare products, and procedures.

And that’s not all! Exclusively during this event, we’re providing complimentary laser treatments. Call or message us at 616.327.5155 to reserve your spot for FREE laser lip rejuvenation and plumping treatments, available ONLY during this celebration. Discover the incredible benefits of our cutting-edge laser technology.

Skincare Experts: Meet with our top skincare professionals for personalized consultations and tips.

Snacks and Refreshments: Enjoy delicious snacks and beverages while you mingle and learn more about our offerings.

Giveaways: Participate in exciting giveaways for a chance to win fabulous products and procedures.

Whether you walk in or book an appointment for this special day, don’t miss out on these incredible offers and the opportunity to experience our top-notch treatments. Learn more about our services and how they can benefit you. We can’t wait to celebrate with you! 🌟

natural enhancments event

june 12th 5pM-7PM

Rejuvenate and replenish lost collagen utilizing biostimulatory treatments to improve your skin and lift the face in a natural way.

Join us for our Natural Enhancement event on June 12th from 4-7 PM, where we focus on enhancing your natural beauty and boosting your confidence. At Proper Eu, we believe in taking what you have and making you feel comfortable in your own skin. Learn more about what natural enhancements may be right for you and receive specials on all of the treatments below!

Explore treatments like Bellafill, which stimulates collagen production, improves skin elasticity, adds volume, treats acne scars, and reduces wrinkles for up to five years. Discover the benefits of thread lifts that lift the skin, enhance collagen production, and rejuvenate the cheeks by reducing jowls and wrinkles. Learn about PRP injections, which use nutrient-rich plasma from your own body to target dark circles, crepey skin, and other areas needing a boost. Additionally, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can enhance your quality of life by balancing hormones, easing menopause symptoms, increasing libido, and reducing fatigue.

Refreshments will be provided. Don’t miss out on special offers for all these treatments during the event. We look forward to guiding you on your wellness and regenerative journey! Simply stop in or RSVP to reserve your spot!

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